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Irregular Sleep Connected to Bad Moods and Depression

The Washington Post Good sleep means more than getting enough hours  By Pam Moore /April 30, 2021


RNZ Irregular sleep patterns linked to bad moods, depression  From Sunday Morning, 7:18 am on 14 March 2021


Daily Mail A lie-in at the weekend could actually make you GLOOMY  By Thea Jourdan /March 8, 2021


SCIENCE Alert There Could Be a Dramatic Hidden Impact of Not Having a Regular Bedtime  By David Nield /Feb. 24, 2021

Inc. Want to Be Happier and More in Control? Science Says Sleep Like This Every Night  By Bill Murphy Jr. / February, 2021

The Times Waking at a regular time keeps people in a good mood  By Katie Gibbons / Feb. 19, 2021

COVID-19 Exacts Emotional Toll on Doctors

The Washington Post Covid-19 only exacerbated a longer pattern of health-care worker stress  By Agnes Arnold-Forster and Samuel Schotland / April 29, 2021


The New Yorker What Fighting the Corona Virus Feels Like  By Dhruv Khullar / July 7, 2020

U.S. News COVID-19 Exacts Emotional Toll on Doctors  By Steven Reinberg / June 2, 2020

The Michigan Daily City or suburb, students’ mental health impacted by lengthy quarantine  By Sarah Payne and Magdalena Mihaylova / May 13, 2020


Science Health care workers seek to flatten COVID-19’s ‘second curve’—their rising mental anguish  By Rodrigo Pérez Ortega / April 22, 2020

BMJ Opinion Is there a place for politics in medicine?  By Elena Frank, Brahmajee K Nallamothu, and Srijan Sen / December 9, 2019


Reuters Major political events depress young doctors' moods  By Linda Carroll / December 11, 2019


MSN The decade that changed the way we think about mental health  By Lindsay Holmes / December 24, 2019

Depression in Docs Leads to Medical Errors and Vice Versa

Live discussion on periscope  By Seth Trueger and Angel N. Desai / December 3, 2019


BECKER's Depressed physicians tied to more medical errors  By Mackenzie Bean / December 2, 2019


Medscape Depression in Docs Leads to Medical Errors and Vice Versa  By Pauline Anderson / November 27, 2019

Why Women Leave Medicine

AAMC NEWS Why women leave medicine  By AMY PATUREL, MS, MPH, SPECIAL TO AAMCNEWS / October 1, 2019

It’s Time to Get Serious About Resident Wellness

AAMC NEWS It’s time to get serious about resident wellness  By Srijan Sen, MD, PhD / August 09, 2019

Technology Networks Top 10 Genomics News Stories of 2019  By Molly Campbell, Science Writer / Dec 12, 2019


The New York Times How Job Stress Can Age Us By Dhruv Khullar, M.D. / July 25, 2019


CMAJ News Stress of first postgraduate year leaves mark at cellular level for medical trainees By Carolyn Brown / June19, 2019

4 Factors that Contribute to Depression Among First-Year Physicians

BECKER'S 4 Factors That Contribute to Depression Among First-Year Physicians  By Emily Rappleye / January 23, 2019

Prevalence of Burnout Among Physicians
Young Doctors are Depressed. Here's How Fitbit Can Help.

CNBC Here's how Fitbit can help By Christina Farr/  August 23, 2018

This Medical Student Turned Her Depression Into A Movement

The Michigan Daily When Doctors become patients By Rachel LeungSeptember 20, 2018


Newsy Rahael Gupta is encouraging future doctors to seek help By Carrie C., Maren M., Vik N and Patrick T. / August 10, 2018

Effects of Sleep, Physical Activity, and Shift Work on Daily Mood
Work-Family Conflict and the Sex Difference in Depression Among Training Physicians
More Than a Quarter of Medical Students are Depressed, Suicidal

The Lancet A Journalist's Personal Story By Matthew Shaw / November 2016

The Biology of Physician Mental Health. Dr Srijan Sen of the ‘Intern Health Study’

The DOCTOR PARADOX The Biology of Physician Mental Health By P.Barrett / 17 July 2016

Healing Medicine’s Future: Prioritizing Physician Trainee Mental Health

AMA Journal of Ethics® Prioritizing Physician Trainee Mental Health Ethics talk / June 2016

Hospitals Scramble to Offer Mental Health Care for Depressed Physicians


The DOCTOR PARADOX Are Physician Burnout & Depression The Same? – Dr Douglas Mata Provides Insight

By P.Barrett / 24 July 2016


Medicine at Michigan Under Pressure: The Rise of Depression in Young Doctors By Lauren Crawford / Spring 2016


Altmetric  Depression and Depressive Symptoms Among Resident Physicians: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis


The New York Times  Silence Is the Enemy for Doctors Who Have Depression By Aaron E. Carroll / Jan. 11, 2016


NEWSWEEK Do Residencies Make Doctors-in-Training Depressed? By Stav Ziv On 12/8/15 at 3:31 PM


TIME Health  Young Training Physicians Suffer High Rates of Depression By Mandy Oaklander / Dec. 8, 2015


The Washington Post  Nearly a Third of New Doctors at High Risk for Depression By Lena H. Sun / December 8 at 11:21 AM



29% of Young Doctors Are Depressed


Media Online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Intervention to Reduce Suicide Ideation in Medical Interns Nov. 4, 2015


NDTV Web-Based Tool Could Keep Suicidal Thoughts Away  Updated: November 20, 2015 16:02 IST


TECH TIMES New Web-Based Tool May Help Reduce Suicidal Thoughts


Psychiatry Advisor Internet-Based CBT Lowers Suicidal Ideation in Medical Interns November 09, 2015


MEDPAGE TODAY Help for Interns Considering Suicide By Eve Bender / 11.09.2015


The Michigan Daily Web Therapy Helps First-Year Medical Students Fight Depression By Sanjay Reddy / November 24, 2015

Internet-Based CBT Lowers Suicidal Ideation in Medical Interns
Portions of Physicians Who Suffer From Depression at Their Internship: 1/2
Depressed, Stressed Out and Breaking Up:

BECKER'S Hospital Review What This Top Researcher Learned From Medical Interns Spetember 9, 2015

LIFE / SUPPORT  Doctors are stressed, burned out, depressed ...... save the mental health of America's doctors
Suicide Rates Among Medical Students, Physicians
Drugs, Talk Therapy and the Brain
Well-Being May Be an Effective Predictor of Depression Well-Being May Be an Effective Predictor of Depression By Jen Wilson / July 30, 2013






USA Today Residents Make More Errors on Shorter Shifts By Janice Lloyd / 6:35 p.m. EDT March 25, 2013


Time Magazine Fewer Hours for Doctors in Training Leading to More Mistakes

Los Angeles Times Limiting Hospital Intern Shifts May Not Cut Errors By Monte Morin / March 25, 2013


Detroit Free Press Studies: Residents Make More Errors On Shorter Shifts By Janice Lloyd / March 25, 2013


CBS News Shorter Shifts For Medical Interns May Not Mean Fewer Mistakes By Michelle Castillo /  March 26, 2013, 12:23 PM


ABC News For Resident Doctors, Shorter Shifts Mean More Mistakes Published March 27, 2013 / Reuters


The Boston Globe Maybe An Exhausted Doctor Isn't So Bad After All By Kevin Hartnett  / April 4, 2013 11:21 AM

For Resident Doctors, Shorter Shifts Mean More Mistakes ?
Fewer Doctors-In-Training Are Prescribing Themselves Medication
Gene Variant Could Predict Chance of Depression ?

The New York Times On Road to Recovery, Past Adversity Provides a Map  By BENEDICT CAREY / January 3, 2011 


Time Magazine A Gene to Explain Depression By Alice Park / January 3, 2011

Los Angeles Times Depression Gene: its rise, its fall, its rise? By Rosie Mestel / January 3, 2011


ABC News Gene Variant Could Predict Chance of Depression By COURTNEY HUTCHISON / January 4, 2011 


Michigan Daily 'U' Researcher Confirms Link Between Stress and Depression BY SUZANNE JACOBS / January 11, 2011

This Might Hurt -- Depression Among Interns

Yale Alumni Magazine This Might Hurt By Carole Bass / Jul/Aug 2010