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Welcome to Intern Health Study


Thank you, for choosing to participate in this study!


Our prospective multi-center study investigates the interplay between genes and stress in the development of depression. We are hopeful that data collected in this study will further understanding of the factors important in the development of depression and make a real change in the residency experience.

Study Timeline
Intern Health Study Participant Journey
Sample Mailing Instructions

After giving you saliva sample (please see the inside of the kit for directions), follow the instructions below to return your sample.

  • Place closed collection vial (containing saliva) in the plastic bag. Do not remove absorbent material from within the bag.

  • Remove as much air as possible and seal the bag by removing the adhesive strip.

  • Place the sealed bag (containing the vial) into the bubble envelope addressed to the University of Michigan and then seal the envelope.

  • To maintain anonymity, please do NOT put your name or address on the DNA kit or envelopes (the kit should already be labeled with your non-decodable identifier).

  • Please contact project PI, Srijan Sen (; 734-395-8319) with any concerns or questions.

oragene dna kit
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